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us in words

Always seeking
-the beautiful
-the bizarre
-the horror!
-unusual narrative flow/metafiction
-You’re experimenting!
-Oh god, no major publisher would ever want this!
-What’s my genre again?
-queer as balls
-Nothing is really happening, but this is really good. Is that still okay?
-writers and readers of varied backgrounds and experiences
-the spirit of FUCK TRADPUB

tRaum Books is a queer micro press, publishing authors from around the world. Our aim is to highlight trans and queer narratives and unusual narrative structures, through novels, novellas, short story collections, poetry, art books, mixed media and graphic novels. Our physical sizes (so far) range from A4 to palm-sized paperback. Do you have a story whose physical format is as off the path as the story it tells? While it is not always possible (stories with high page counts, for example), we do strive to make all our physical books available through non-Amazon options (Itch-Io/Gumroad special prints, and online sellers such as Bookshop).

All accepted works are edited and laid out in house.
We do not accept or use any AI-generated text or art for our books or covers.
Distribution is discussed case-by-case, based on the individual author’s location and goals.

(We publish in English and are located in Germany.)

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