us in words

We are a micro press and our niche is no niche. Agenre, if you like, but the themes we keep coming
back to is wonder, beauty, strangeness, bodies, body horror, mind horror, magical/supernatural realism,
mental illness (past and present), social alienation, art, music, performance, literature, and queer / fluid identities.

We welcome stories and scenarios and characters who are imperfect, but searching. We welcome all types of narrative,
but especially those that meander, take their time and don’t cater to trad pub’s ideas of marketability. We are not interested in a sanitized respectable depiction of a certain experience. Rather, bring us your mess. Bring us the story you’re scared will make someone judge you.

Currently, we’re not accepting new submissions, but we will be again in fall 2022!

Novels, novellas, short story collections, poetry, art books, mixed media/experimental,
graphic novel, are all welcomed. Our physical sizes range from A4 to palm-sized paperback.

All accepted works are edited and laid out in house. Distribution is discussed case-by-case, based on an individual author’s location and goals.

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