AIRY NOTHING By Clarissa Pattern

When you’ve always been told you’re wrong, finding a place that accepts you can be the most magical thing in the world. Clarissa Pattern’s first novel, AIRY NOTHING, is a period tale of two boys finding friendship, love, and belonging, in brutal Elizabethan London.

YA / boy’s love romance / historical fiction / Shakespeare / gender identity / theatre /
wholesome / friendship


H By R. Merey

This is a trash novel about Kyoto; the Kamo river; cigarettes; flip-phones; school girls; runaways; Arthur Rimbaud.
Water, language; friendship and desire. This transient, shit world.
Virgins. Vampires. And true love.
Brought to you by the letter H.
And also, the letter V.

bisexual / Kyoto / gender / fuckboys / adult themes / sex / Arthur Rimbaud / alienation / language


“I had to stop myself from consuming the digital copy in one go. It was as if the unique obscurity that is FsC ‘Desketchitoes’ got together with Ingnacio Brandão de Layola’s ‘ZERO,’ who both later had a blind date with Wong-Kar Wai at a museum to make fun of Andy Warhol, while Bjork’s ‘POST’ played in the background. WHAT A NIGHT! Stream of conscious, yet focused. Vignette narrative in a meta-fiction structure. A sketchbook, but a fully realized body of work! All wrapped up in a presentation that allows me to purvey a color pallet that (in another circumstance would’ve burned my retinas)… like “looking into the sun without any of the long term discomfort.” I can just enjoy the absurdity of possibility! And only absurdity, like the grotesque, is beautiful.” -BLACKXAIN

art / Kyoto / digital / bisexual / sexual themes / gender / identity