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Our submissions are currently closed, but that may change someday.

Do you — or does your work — play with, quietly challenge, or aggressively fuck with binaries and norms, especially in gender/sexuality? Do you learn from and support other writers and artists who do this in their own ways? Then your writing may be a good fit for us.

If you are a reviewer/book blogger and would like to review one of our books or be placed on our ARC team, please drop us a line at the email below, with ARC in the subject-line.

If you are a reader intrigued by one of our titles but don’t have the cash, we will send you an ePub or PDF of the title you specify. We want our books to be accessible to all who wish to read them. You can reach us at

Our page on Goodreads!!

And Patreon, if you want to support mental breakdowns with $$, help with the costs of a small press and get first dibs <3

UPDATE: We have closed Patreon for new subscribers, but if you want to support our small press, you can still make a donation through my blog at here. Anybody who supports gets a thank you (their name or chosen handle) in our upcoming books.

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