A metafictional tale from the publishing trenches, packing poignant queer realism and a fragmented story of loss and climate change, told through wry asides. Don’t miss this witty, melancholy story.
-Michelle Browne, The Meaning Wars

City planner by day, tired climate activist by day off, aspiring writer Zilla Novikov’s query letters quickly devolve into a darkly funny exploration of her own psyche. As the rejections pile up, her novel blurbs and biographies grow increasingly unhinged, while Zilla discovers that the road to bestseller-dom is paved with neoliberal hellscapes.

Itch Io — limited special print paperback or ebook
Gumroad — limited special print paperback or ebook
Amazon — ebook or paperback

Special edition copies are palm-sized A6 paperbacks, shipped to anywhere in the world. Printed locally, using recycled Blue Angel paper. 130 pages.

less hinged // metafic // Night Beats // climate