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A delightful Rube Goldberg machine, elaborate and surprising, filled with political intrigue, action, twists, tragedy, and even a touch of romance.
Briar Ripley Page, Corrupted Vessels

A shining example of what high fantasy can be, and what it so rarely is—a stunning exploration of a radically different world that holds a funhouse mirror up to our own. At once an ambitious, densely plotted adventure, a commentary on gender and class, and a linguistic tour de force, this is a true work of art.
Rachel A. Rosen, Cascade

COMING IN OCTOBER 2024 — Preorders below

Hundred-day children are stolen from the Ilasghra every week.
No one can stop it.

Madma and Tantli have grown up like sisters in the tentslum of the Ilas, where their people are starved and beaten. All their lives, they’ve powerlessly witnessed the regular abduction of hundred-day children: babies born with too much mæj. Just before an Ilasi boy is killed by djanizaries for daring to venture beyond the tentslum walls, his final words lead Madma to the Gaol where the boy’s stolen sister is locked away—a place from which Ilasi children never return. Delicately plotted, sumptuously set and vibrantly worded, MAEJ is a lavish standalone high-fantasy epic, perfect for fans of A Stranger in Olondria or The Spear Cuts Through Water.

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adventure-fantasy // femme-supremacy // language // GRYPHONS

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