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Instant Classic (That No One Will Read)

Night Beats and tRaum Books are happy to join again to release an anthology featuring tales of the publishing End Times! All profits to be donated to MSF (Medicins Sans Frontieres).

Featuring works from Tucker Lieberman,
Ryszard Merey, Zilla Novikov,
Rohan O’Duill, Anna Otto,
Rachel A. Rosen, and Dale Stromberg.

Instant Classic offers nine sardonic tales holding a carnival mirror to writers and stories. From a deal with the Devil to the ultimate AI versus human showdown, witness the terrifying spectacle of artists who will do anything to clamber out of the creative trenches alive.

Itch IO special preorder print paperback book-box
Amazon paperback or ebook
Bookshop paperback (coming soon!)

creative misery // AI // soul sellers // crocodiles

Cover art by Rachel A. Rosen.