A + E (a novella)


Mein Gott, hilf mir diese tödliches Liebe zu überleben.
My Lord God, help me survive this deadly love.

Ash is the prickly andro artkid who hates to be touched. Eu is the tough loner who isn’t afraid to throw a punch. Eu’s into girls, but one look at Ash and cue the lights, drama, bloodshed! From bedroom art jams to slimey clubs, this is a simple, sad unrequited friend story that will make you nostalgic for that queer high school bud you did all this with (or for that one friend you never had).

[The original novella on which the graphic novel was later based.]

Trigger Warning: drug/alcohol use, sexual assault, ED, swears, massive angst.

A 190 page novella in beautiful adorable A6 sized format. (Note: Amazon version is slightly bigger due to their preset trim-sizes.)