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A + E (Book 1, Spring)


“There’s something to Ryszard’s writing that is decidedly more cutting in its conveying of the human heart than I have been witness to in most works. In a way, it’s like looking at a skinned human: it’s not pretty, […] but damn, you can see everything inside so much clearer.”
Marnie D.

Mein Gott, hilf mir diese tödliche Liebe zu überleben.
My Lord, help me survive this deadly love.

A short, sad, manic, unrequited friend story that will make you nostalgic for that queer high school bud you did all this with (or for that one friend you never had).

Itch Io limited print paperback or ebook
Gumroad limited print paperback or ebook
Amazon paperback or ebook

190 page novella in palm-sized A6 sized format. Matte cover, Blue Angel paper. Printed in Germany. Shipped to anywhere in the world.

genderfuck // art // feelings // late 90s

Cover art by bryszket