AIRY NOTHING by Clarissa Pattern

A magical Shakespearean YA about a gentle boy who sees faeries and a fast-talking pickpocket who can’t decide if he wants to help his new friend, make money off of him or fall in love with him~!

An HFC Silver Medalist for best Period Fantasy of 2021.

YA || Shakespeare || genderfluid || romantic friendship || sweet

H by Ryszard Merey

This is a trash novel about Kyoto; the Kamo river; cigarettes; flip-phones; school girls; runaways; Arthur Rimbaud. Water, language; friendship and desire. This transient, shit world.
Virgins. Vampires. And true love.

Brought to you by the letter H.
And also, the letter V.

fuckboys || genderstuff || sexual misadventures